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Eco G Painters are professional San Diego based house painters and wood repairs committed to eco-friendly and organic practices.

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In Eco G Painters mainly offer services in interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, using Zero and Low VOC Paints in every project. Also, we offer reparation for damaged wood, such as dry rot wood in general.
We are committed to our customers and the planet, so we use premium products that do not harm the planet.
Besides, payment’s up until the work is finished and customers are satisfied with the service.

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Eco Friendly Paints

Eco G Painters offer eco-friendly material to protect the material on which they will be worked while contributing to the environment’s care.

Residential painting

Our goal is to provide the highest quality paint job with excellent customer service. One of the first questions we ask the owner is whether he has a particular piece of furniture that requires special care. All our projects are managed by a professional who will work with you from start to finish

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