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Wood Exterior Paint



How to properly paint your wood exterior


First of all, it must be considered that the exterior paint of a wooden house is very different from that of a concrete exterior since the wood tends to wear out more quickly due to its exposure to the sun, humidity, and other natural agents of the environment.

Therefore you must select an exterior paint suitable for the type of wood you are made of.

Once you select the right paint, there are a couple of recommendations that you should take into account:


Painting treated or impregnated wood exteriors

Suppose your exterior has been previously treated with chemical products to keep it in good condition. In that case, we recommend that before applying the paint, you use special products for treated wood to improve its uniformity.

If you want to know which is the right paint for your exterior, contact us at EcoG; we are specialists, and we have experience in handling paint for exterior wood.


Applying a primer


This step is essential before considering applying any type of paint to the exterior.

It should be ensured that the external surface is covered well with a quality primer to improve the adhesion of the paint and that it lasts longer.


Preparation before painting.


With time, it is normal for the paint to wear out or seep out of some cracks and damage, so it is essential to repair this type of damage before thinking about applying an extra coat of exterior paint.

This part of the process can be lengthy, but it helps to preserve and extend the life cycle of the new coat of paint.


Crack repair



The repair of cracks is also vitally crucial before applying a new coat of exterior paint since the wood will crack with time and the natural elements; it is normal.

It is suggested to seal with paintable silicone or joint sealer to even out those cracks found in the wood so the paint is even.


Eco-friendly outdoor paints


If you are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to use outside, we have good news for you.

Eco-friendly paints can adapt well outdoors and are very simple to operate.

Thanks to their low-toxic components, ecological paints create a layer that allows the wood to breathe, which helps to keep the wood dry and breathable.

Which also helps prevent wood fungus from growing.


If you are looking for ecological paint for your exterior, we suggest you visit our website and learn about all the brands we work with.



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