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Termites infestation in the home

Problems that cause a termite infestation.


A pervasive problem when you live in the suburbs and have a wooden house is the termite infestation that can occur.

These, at first, can go unnoticed since, in general, they do not emit any type of smell or sound that can make detection early, which makes them particularly dangerous, not for humans but for the structure of the home.

Termite pests feed on the most essential things in the home, such as furniture, shelves, carpets, etc.

There are different types of termite pests, but those that damage wooden houses nest under the home do not stay inside but build mud tunnels to access their main food, which is the wood of the house’s structure.


And not only that, but a termite infestation can also cause damage to home furnishings. Therefore, the best way to prevent a termite infestation is prevention.

If you already have these undesirable tenants in your home, immediate elimination of them is required with the help of a professional; that’s where we come in


Evidence of termite infestation in the home



As we have mentioned, termites basically feed on wood, which causes it to weaken and wreak havoc on homes, so it is vitally important that you carry out continuous inspections to prevent a termite infestation in your home.


We give you some tips for the early detection of termite pests.


Noises in the walls.


This is a way to detect a termite infestation; we know that absolute silence is almost impossible with daily routine, but if you stop for a moment at night and pay close attention, you can hear the termites “at work.”

There are the so-called “soldier termites” that are in charge of warning their colony of any risk, these are the ones that can cause the most noise, so you have to be attentive to sounds inside the wooden structures for their detection.


Winged termites

It may seem like something out of a horror movie but do not be alarmed, termites do not harm the physical health of humans, but early detection of these types of insects can help us prevent an extensive termite infestation.

It is known that those termites that have wings are those that left their previous nest and are in search of a new place to nest, so it is of great importance that you be attentive to this type of insects since they represent two things:

Your home can be your new nest

There is a house or nest close to your home

Therefore, prevention and continuous maintenance must be periodic to prevent damage to your home.


Did you find white ants in your home?


When it is unknown what a termite looks like, it can easily be mistaken for an ant since its skeleton and size are very similar.

One of the main differences between ants and termites is color; they are a “transparent/white” color, while ants are commonly black or red.


If you have already encountered a couple of these insects in your home and you still do not know how to detect if it is a plague of termites or ants, we will tell you a couple of differences between these species so that you know what you are dealing with.


Color: Termites are white, almost transparent

Antennas: Termites have completely straight antennae, while ants are bent.

Wings: Although there are also ants with wings, they have two pairs of wings of different sizes (two larger) while the wings of termites are the same.


If you still doubt the species you are dealing with, we recommend that you go to a specialist since, in one way or another, a plague of ants and a plague of termites can be just as harmful to your home.


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