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Correct maintenance for a wooden house

In the E.U, there are different types of wooden houses, exist other materials ( Maple , Walnut, Oak). It is no longer just small spaces used as warehouses for tools; wooden houses can already be found more commonly in the suburbs.

A wooden house needs specialized maintenance to ensure its durability and that it does not wreak havoc on other sections of the home.

We give you a couple of tips so that you always keep your house in good condition.


Maintenance tips for a wooden house step by step

Wood cleaning


Not all wooden houses require the same maintenance, it depends on the primary material from which they are made, but there are basic steps for constant care.


It is mainly recommended that you go to a specialist to detect the specific maintenance that your wooden house requires.

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You have to be on the lookout if any place in your wooden house has humidity, broken pieces of wood, damage caused by insects, or some type of break that can occur with the day-to-day routine.


These require immediate repair as they can expand and be more challenging to treat or affect the rest of the structure in the long run.


Varnish your best ally

This step is basic but of great importance, so it is recommended that your wooden house be applied a coat of varnish every 3 to 5 years. This keeps the wood protected from the sun and avoids humidity that is the main cause of damage to wooden house structures.


The older the house, the harder the wood becomes, so over time, the varnish application no longer needs to be so constant.



Special paint for wood


If you have a wooden house, you should always keep in mind the word “insulation.”

The insulation of the wood against the sun and mainly against humidity is vital to keep the structure in good condition, so you must apply protective wood paint outside your home.

These tips apply to any wooden house, but mainly for those located near the beach or in the field due to the humidity of the environment, and this must be renewed every 2 or 3 years.


Floor maintenance in a wooden house


The floor is the base of your wooden house, so its maintenance is fundamental and essential. Unfortunately, this can be damaged due to daily use and the humidity on the surface on which your wooden house sits.


The floor must also be varnished at least every 3 years.


We recommend using little water for cleaning since humidity is the main enemy of wood, so we recommend using a special moisture-protective varnish for the floor.


An elegant and practical way to keep your hardwood floor protected is by using rugs in the home; This prevents wear and tear from daily use, and avoids the use of water to clean it, which can help keep it looking good for longer.



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