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Benefits of ecological paint

What is ecological paint?


The best way to define what ecological paint is to mainly explain what it is made of.

Usually, regular paints are made with heavy metals and hydrocarbons; these by origin are highly toxic and harmful to the environment.

While the so-called ecological paint is made mainly of vegetable oils, which replace the heavy chemical elements that regular paint contains with vegetable or mineral origin (depending on the brand).


Benefits of ecological paints

It is constantly being discussed if ecological paint really benefits from traditional paints; we show you a list of the main benefits of using ecological paint.


  • They do not harm health.

While ordinary paint can harm people’s skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, you can forget about this problem with ecological paint.

  • They are more durable.

Although many people doubt it, ecological paint is more durable than ordinary paint.

  • They do not attract dust.

The walls with ecological paint are not charged with electrostatics which avoids attracting dust; they stay clean, and the colors last.

  • You can distinguish them thanks to a seal that guarantees their quality

There is an easy way to identify that ecological paint thanks to the EcoLabel seal.


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Disadvantages of eco-friendly paint

  • Its color gamut is not that wide.

Compared to ordinary paint, the color gamut of eco-friendly paint is not as extensive.

  • They are not washable.

Due to their composition, ecological paint cannot be washed.

How to recognize a quality ecological paint?

It is known as the ecolabel, and it was created by the European Union and helped identify those products that contain low levels of toxicity, such as ecological paint.

This type of stamp can also be found in conventional paint brands but only in those that managed to reduce their level of toxicity.

It must be taken into account that for a paint to be called “ecological paint,” it must be free of petroleum derivatives.


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