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Eco-friendly paints

Eco G Painters offer eco-friendly material to protect the material on which they will be worked while contributing to the environment's care.

Natural paints (milk and clay based paints)
Paintings with low TMV content
GREENGUARD-certified paints
Paintings with low formaldehyde content
LEED-certified paints
Low-smell paints
Organic paints

Our compromise with the planet

A VOC-free eco-friendly paint prevents you from a variety of infections. Besides, we don´t charge for a down payment until we finish the project and clients are satisfied with the results, which is very appealing to the clients.  Also, we offer damaged wood reparations, which is appealing to the clients since they don´t have to contract someone else to do this job.

LEED rated paint

GREENGUARD certified paint

AFM Safecoat paint

Our services

General Wood Repairs

Termite damaged wood

Dry rot wood

Fascia boards

Window trim

Know our 100% satisfied clients!

The certified professional workers of Eco G Painters guarantee 100% of your satisfaction in every project, and these clients are proof of it! Know their experience and give your house the change your family deserves.

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